Part of SIOEN

Producer of high tech woven fabrics

Myriad of woven fabrics: technicality is our forte

Tailor made woven fabrics
At the fair, we will showcase our wide range of performant woven technical textiles for high end applications such as:

  • Airbags and ski bags for automotive
  • Sailcloth
  • Filtration
  • Body armours
  • Conveyor belts
  • Tea-bags
  • Fish farming
  • Tarpaulins as a carrier in coating processes
  • And any other technical application required by our customer

Unrivalled capabilities
At our weaving facilities, we can weave a myriad of yarns such as monofilaments, multi-filaments, tapes, spun fibres or natural fibres. In addition, we use raw materials such as our house-made high tenacity polyester Siofil yarns, other polyester yarns, polyamide, PLA, para-aramid, meta-aramid, polypropylene, polyethylene and many others.

Our plants are state-of-the-art, with the best weaving looms on today's market in computer and climate-controlled facilities. In addition, we operate our own beaming and singing, with very stringent quality control at the end. A team of textile experts guarantees the highest quality standards.

We produce around the clock, 24/7 in controlled production plants. Waste is reduced to a minimum by conscience recycling and intelligent use of raw materials.

Customer centric approach
Our customer is the key to everything we do. With multidisciplinary teams of experts, we always come up with the right solution, tailored to the customer's needs. With our unique expertise in up- and downstream processing (spinning, coating, servicing), we can assist our customers in optimising their processes in order to stay ahead of their competition and protect their own know-how.

Textile solutions have been our core competence for over 112 years now. With a 360° expertise in the production of both yarns, fibers, fabrics, chemicals and coated textiles, thus controlling every step of the production chain, we can always offer our customers the best solution tailored to their needs.

Part of a solid group
We are part of the Sioen industries Group, world market leader and the benchmark in technical textiles. Sioen Industries is a financially sound, diversified group that is quoted on the Brussels stock exchange. The USP’s of the group are that we have full control over the design and production process, through vertical integration. Furthermore, the group is strongly committed to Research and Development and this always results in a high degree of technicity and quality. Although stock quoted, the group has a solid family tradition, leading to real customer intimacy and partnerships.

Visit us: hall 4.1. Booth G13