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Producer of high tech woven fabrics

R&D and innovation

Sioen has a focus on knowledge, innovation and creativity: on new materials, new production processes, new services, new niches, new markets, new business models and any other new requirements.  

At Sioen Weaving, specialists are working continuously on process- and product optimization and on the development of new woven fabric constructions.  

Sioen Weaving is continuously in contact with customers, suppliers, universities and with the other R&D colleagues of Sioen Industries. In total, a group of 165 developers can help us to find a dedicated solution for your application(s).  

Our labs are equipped with the latest testing equipment such as instruments for tear and breaking strength, flame retardancy, thermal radiation, chemical resistance, bullet and knife impact, water column, color fastness, ageing, …

Thanks to in-house testing equipment we can monitor our quality at any time and guarantee finished products according to your requirements.

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