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Producer of high tech woven fabrics

Quality and certificates

Sioen Weaving specializes in the production and sale of high-quality industrial fabrics and enjoys a high reputation in almost all segments of the technical textile industry. Innovation, quality and logistic reliability form the basis for our long-term relationships and high estimated position in the market.

Customer satisfaction

At Sioen the customer and customer satisfaction take centre stage. This calls for an approach in which the quality of the finished products and services provided must meet the customer’s highest demands. We therefore do not confine ourselves to just checking the end product, but implement an efficient quality policy to ensure appropriate monitoring throughout the entire production and sales process.

We demand a constant level of quality from all our suppliers and employ the necessary specialists to carry out permanent monitoring on the shop floor and random sample checks. Here,we make use of the latest communication and IT applications. .

On all levels

Quality means satisfying the customer‘s expectations in terms of products and delivered services. Quality is not confined to those departments which come into direct contact with the customer. It is a key principle for all employees of the Sioen group as they go about their work, whether in production, sales, accounting, customer service, R&D or purchasing. Every employee contributes to quality in their own field.


Our quality efforts are translated into certificates, which you can consult here.